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My Vibe: The Global Sound Healing Movement

My Vibe events are crystal singing bowl meditations fostering healing and community that create a positive ripple effect for personal well-being and healing for the Earth.

DeLand, FL Launch Event

What is a
My Vibe Event?

Powerful live singing bowl meditation with sacred sound, life-force activation and direct transmission of pure Source energy flowing through you into the Earth for expanded healing. A combination of visualization, some gentle movement and sound healing meditation. On a yoga mat, drift into the limitless healing potential for yourself and the planet in this truly transformative experience.

(Bring a yoga mat or contact us to purchase one on site. We are supplying blankets but yoga mat is also recommended)

Good Vibes

The My Vibe Movement

My Vibe is a global movement dedicated to healing the world through sound and vibration. Our events bring people together to create a collective positive vibration (‘Vibe’) designed to enhance personal wellbeing, foster a profound sense of community, and connect with the Earth. This collective Vibe creates positive ripple effects and healing for all people and the planet.

Historic DeLand, FL was the launch site, with other cities around the world coming soon!

Testimonies: DeLand Launch Event

What You'll Experience

Immerse yourself in a world of healing sound frequencies created with beautiful instruments made of pure quartz crystal. An experience that elevates you to a state of profound relaxation, connection, and peace. Entering an energy portal of tranquility with beautiful lighting and soothing sounds, you will embark on this transformative journey that also helps heal the Earth by raising your vibration and receiving pure energy through sound. You are the vortex of this powerful energy exchange to help the Earth and all beings.

Why Does Your Vibe Matter?

Everything is vibrating energy, it’s a continuous state of information exchange. The Earth emanates vibrations from the biological energies of nature and each of us sends vibrations out into the universe with our words, thoughts and actions. We are in constant motion, influencing each other. Different energy levels interact to create harmony, both individually and collectively. Your vibration (your ‘Vibe’) physically affects the world around you. When large groups of people unite with positive ‘Vibes’, it amplifies positive effects for your body, your life, your community, and the Earth. 

What is Sound Healing?

We know music can have an impact on our mood. Quick music pumps us up for a workout, soothing music for relaxation and sleep, and a variety in between. Music is a collection of sounds. Sounds have vibrations that affect us on a neurological, physiological and biochemical level. Sound Healing is an ancient practice that harnesses the power of sound vibrations that promote healing and relaxation.

The My Vibe events have a mixture of relaxing harmonic sounds using quartz singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, the voice and sometimes other instruments. This unforgettable experience takes you away to a peaceful place in body and mind.

Facilitated by
Jill Jordan

Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Author and Energy Channel

Jill is the founder and producer of the My Vibe Movement. She is a certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Energy Channel and Life Coach. She draws from her lifelong sensitivity to sound and energy, transforming it into a gift that brings peace, relaxation, and healing. Since 2007, she has been teaching about energy, words, and vibration, becoming certified in Reiki in 2016, and playing crystal bowls since 2012. Jill works with the balancing the Earth Grid energies and is also an author and spiritual teacher. She shares her gifts through private sessions, group activities, and events, utilizing her ultra-sensitive sound clarity and empowering concepts for lasting positive transformations.

Jill will offer Reiki and sound healing with quartz crystal singing bowls, her voice and other instruments guiding us into deep relaxation and opening ourselves to allow the sound and coherent harmonies to flow through us and into the Earth for deep and profound healing.

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Special Guest
Amy Anthony

Sound & Light Therapist, Reiki Master, Sekhem Master, Adamantine Energy Healer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Sacred Dancer

Amy Anthony of Sacred Temple Healing Arts has been practicing and guiding others through various forms of energy healing for over 25 years. A passionate spiritualist, Amy has deep respect for all sacred traditions aligned in both love and light. She has spent her life studying and applying the sacred healing arts and practices of numerous cultures.

  • Energy Healing modalities (Reiki (Japanese), Sekhem (Egyptian), Adamantine, Bioenergetics, etc)

  • Yoga (Kriya, Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, Tantra)

  • Sacred Sound (such as Gemstone crystalline sound, tuning forks)

  • Healing plants & Sacred songs (Amazonian Indigenous cultures)

  • Dance (Egyptian, Universal)

Amy's  message is simply - our bodies are a Divine Design, a sacred and spiritual technology.


Amy will guide us through simple “Spirit Body” exercises reconnecting us to our Divine Design individually, collectively & here in honor of Earth Day - to Divine Nature (Mother Earth). 

Paul w Cocao Pod.png

Paul Joachim

Certified Reiki Practitioner, Chef and Chocolatier 

Special Closing Experience with Chef Paul. He will be offering a chocolate pairing along with healing sounds.

Paul is known as The Chocolate Genius. His chocolate experiences transcend boundaries, deepen human connections and advance sustainability initiatives. Paul is also a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

Paul and Jill are coming together in a perfect partnership for healing and sustainability with the most magical sensory experience: Sounds of Chocolate.

Imagine a multi sensory experience that is healing and delicious! A beautiful experience with exotic chocolates from sustainable cacao farms paired with specific ingredients while listening to profoundly healing, harmonic sounds and frequencies to heal the body and balance the chakras.

You will receive a tasting of this Sounds of Chocolate experience to close the event and ground you. You will also receive a discount to attend the full Sounds of Chocolate tasting event coming soon.

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