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Sound Healing: One on One Session

Sound Healing & Energy Healing for physical, spiritual, energetic, and therapeutic purposes

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 135 US dollars
  • DeLand|Winter Park/Orlando

Service Description

A private sound healing session is as unique as each person and will likely encompass more than one modality, and will always evolve around the use of sound. This begins with a discussion about your circumstances, desires and intention. Multiple modalities are offered together to meet your specific needs at the time of the session and may include one or all of the following: -Sound Healing -Spiritual Counseling -Energy Healing and/or REIKI -Spiritual Healing -Divine Child/Inner Child ​-REIKI A private sound/healing session is an experience of complete relaxation and balance in the body, mind and inner self. As you rest on a massage bed in a very peaceful setting, an array of melodious and resonant sounds (see below) wash over and around your body. Depending on your desires and needs, there can also be aromatics such as incense, sage, palo santo, frankincense, myrrh and others as well as essential oils diffused, in sprays or lotions. Sounds you may hear: -Quartz crystal bowls -Tuning Forks -Tingsha Tibetan Meditation Bell -Gong -Chimes -Voice/Singing/Chanting -Native Drum -Steel Tongue drum -My voice At times, instruments may be played or placed around you, sometimes on or under the massage bed. If desired, you may receive energy healing, Reiki, clearing (unblocking stagnant energy, release blocks in the body and energetic field) and minimal cranial sacral work. Sessions are intuitively led and can bring states of bliss, healing and deep relaxation. Once the body and mind are completely relaxed, deep healing can occur. Sometimes this may happen during the session, sometimes it may happen over time. There are many levels of outcomes for each individual, varying from much needed rest and relaxation to healing of the body, mind and spirit. Benefits can include: -awareness expansions -awakening to new insight -new perspective on life -forgiveness of self and others -release of old patterns and habits -loving/honoring oneself more A sound session is an experience that will be one of a kind to your specific life field. It is not easy to describe here because each one is different. Each individual is different. Yet we are all one. The sound session is unique to you, your body and your life and yet it will connect you to all-that-is at the same time. It is truly a beautiful experience. The words I hear the most are, "Amazing!" and "WoW!" Individual Sessions $135 Discount if purchased 3 at a time, $111each. Total for 3 sessions booked in advance $333

Contact Details

  • DeLand

    Lindley Blvd, DeLand, FL, USA


  • Winter Park/Orlando

    1 Purlieu Place, Winter Park, FL, USA


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