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Group sessions
Group sessions are profound experiences and can be held indoors or outdoors

Group Sessions

Group sound bath meditations are a way to connect within and connect to everything around you. Some have connected to realms outside the comprehension of the human mind and take journeys into the blissful energies of the unknown. Others experience spontaneous healing, physical, emotional and spiritual. All attendees experience deep relaxation and state of peace.


Group ceremonies involve a ritual of sort. (As seen in the cover photo on this page.) There are full and new moon ceremonies, solstices, equinoxes, weddings, celebrations, honoring of an element, occasion or deity and more. Each ceremony will have its own unique specialty and include a meditation and other ritual such as smudging, toning the body with sound, cleansing auras, spaces, and geographical areas and more.

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What People Say
About Group Sound Bath Sessions
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That was amazing! I felt like I was floating in complete bliss and peace. 

When you started singing, I felt like all the negative emotions I ever had, bubbled up to the surface of my body and then floated away and I feel amazing! I feel clear and open.

I felt the energy change in the room and there was this beautiful blue energy all around and it just filled me with love.