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The Power of 1111 & Why You See It

Which is it?

  • Time to make a wish

  • Angels are with you

  • Pay attention to your thought

  • Message from a spiritual master

  • Portal opening

How it began for me

Most people who know me are familiar with how often I see repeated numbers, especially 1111. I've been seeing 1111 since I was in the ninth grade and my first boyfriend officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on that date.After that relationship, I continued to see 1111 my whole life. I see it on clocks, license plates, signs, in nature and more. I see it pretty much everywhere. Even 40+ years later, I continue to see these repeated ones. And not only 1111, I see 111, 222, 333, 444 - well all of them!

There are many different explanations and they all bring you some kind of message. For me, I always pay attention. I look at what is happening in that moment that I see those numbers. What am I thinking? Who was I talking to or thinking about? What were we saying? Many times it is a confirmation for me to what was happening or said.

Let's look at what is the significance is of 1111 and why all these repeating ones are seen by so many people.

Angel Numbers

  • 1111 is often returned to as an angel number

  • Meaning that angels are by your side with love and protection, and bring guidance and clarity

  • Angels are asking you to notice what is happening at that time or what you were thinking

  • Be open to listening within yourself for messages

  • It is also a reassurance from the angels that all is well

Make a Wish

  • You are being called to take action

  • Set an intention

  • It's time to take a step towards your desires

  • Or simply make a wish

Pay Attention to your thoughts

  • 1111 can be a signal to watch what you're thinking about

  • A reminder that all things in your life are the results of your thoughts and feelings

  • If you were thinking about the past, or any kind of lack or fear, it's time to shift that. An easy way is to ask, how could this be better?

Messages from the Masters

  • 11:11 has been known to symbolize the spiritual masters, who impacted humanity and shifted the energy of the planet throughout history

  • Could be Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, and many others sending you the message to be a master at being your true self

  • A Reminder that your true self is love

  • Message to Be the best human you can be

Portal Opening

  • Portals are doorways to other dimensions and times. Seeing 1111 as a portal entrance reaffirms much of the above information. You are entering a portal to the knowledge and wisdom from another dimensions and times, such as from your higher self, Masters, angels, spirit guides, ancestors and more.

  • The two sets of ones (1111) together are like columns as seen in the opening photo of the ancient temple of Apollo in Turkey, and still use an architecture today. These 1111 columns create an entrance to a portal to many ancient and modern temples. Dolmens appear like that as well. See photo below.

  • 1111 can also be direct channel opening between your human self and your spiritual self

  • Portal is one of the most popular meanings

  • November 11 every year is also called a portal. It is a great opportunity to create positive change, shift timelines and become more of your true self.

Above you see the four stones placed here creating the 1111 in the ancient Poulnabrone Dolman in Ireland. Dolmens are portals used by the ancients and others today for shifting states of consciousness, dimensions, timelines, and more.

It is no coincidence that every year from November 11 (11/11) until January 11 (1/11) we are going through a period called the months of the Divine Trinity. This is a divine time, or portal, that has amazing opportunities for you during these three months. It takes time to awaken, embrace your true divine light, and take some action.

Ideas for Action

  • Become aware of what you're thinking and doing when you see repeated numbers

  • Take note, write it down or just mentally, what you were thinking about, talking or doing during the moments that you noticed the repeated numbers

  • Pause when you see these numbers and to go within, be quiet and listen for the messages

Best of luck to you on your journey. Feel free to share your synchronicities and awakenings. I would love to hear from you!

Peace and Love to all beings everywhere,


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