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What is YOUR Vibration?

All living beings have unique vibrations, including humans.

Our cells vibrate at distinct frequencies, forming our individual "song."

Health of the body and lifestyle choices impact these vibrations. Specific frequencies indicate health or dis-ease. To boost vibrational health; prioritize nutritious food, exercise, kindness, gratitude, mental decluttering, tech detox, and therapies like healing touch, energy and sound therapies.

Why Does Your Vibe Matter?

Everything is vibrating energy, it’s a continuous state of information exchange. 


  1. You are vibrating masses of energy. In addition to your body, your words, your actions, and even your thoughts are vibrating energy. Your "vibration" extends up to 6 feet all around you. Everything  you come in contact with and everything   that comes in contact with you is a direct energy exchange. This is includes everything you focus on, point to or look at. All of this is a constant vibrational shift creating your vibration, frequency and state of being.

  2. The Earth emanates vibrations from the biological energies of nature and since each of us sends vibrations out into the universe with our own vibration, including words, thoughts and actions, we effect each other at all times. This may be micro-vibrationally (thoughts, words) or directly (planting seeds, or using airplanes).

  3. We are all in constant motion, influencing each other and the Earth. 

  4. Different energy levels interact to create harmony, (or chaos, depending on your choices) both individually and collectively. Your vibration (your ‘Vibe’) physically affects the world around you. 

  5. When large groups of people unite with positive ‘Vibes’, it amplifies positive effects for your body, your life, your community, and the Earth. Be sure to attend our big Earth Day Event to make an amazing difference for you and the Earth! 

If you would like to know more, check this out: Scientific American published research on how our vibrations matter in their December issue entitled, The Hippies Were Right: It's All about Vibrations, Man! This research reveals the science of vibes and how everything is connected.

Raise your vibration

Change your life

Change the World

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1 Comment

Eric Bain
Eric Bain
Mar 20

Fascinating read! The notion that every living being carries a unique vibrational "song" is a beautiful and thought-provoking metaphor that bridges the gap between the scientific and the spiritual. It's intriguing to consider how our daily choices—what we eat, how we move, the thoughts we nurture—can influence not just our own health, but the vibrational harmony of the world around us. The reference to the Scientific American article adds a compelling layer of legitimacy to the discussion, highlighting the growing recognition of vibration's role in our interconnected ecosystem. The emphasis on practical steps one can take to enhance their vibrational health is particularly valuable. It's a reminder of the power we hold to affect change, not just within ourselves but…

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