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Winter Solstice Brings Harmony Times to Earth

The energy, power and importance of winter solstice seems more important as each year passes.

Most people know that December 21, or 22nd depending on the year, marks the first day of winter and with it comes the shortest day and longest night of the year. However, what many do not know is that the importance of the energy on this day (and the other solstice and equinoxes) is becoming more important for our earth and all beings.

Winter solstice marks a harmony time for the Earth energy lines, or energetic grid surrounding the planet. Earth is alive and made of energy. She has an energetic grid surrounding here that trnasfers information for her biological survival. These energy "lines" are moving, expanding and contracting daily all year long. Four times a year, all of the Earth's energy lines come in to harmony creating a very powerful time of healing and manifestation. Ancient civilizations on earth new how important this time was for all people and the Earth. They constructed massive stone circles, mounds, and temples at power points on the energy grit all around the planet. They knew it was a powerful time to celebrate and honor life. They precisely aligned these sites to allow the sun to rise and/or set it specific points at each sacred site. These power points around the Earth all have one thing in common, they are all situated at the crosshairs of major energy lines on the planet.

According to Rory Duff, world Geobiologist, who studies and maps the energy grid of the Earth, this year we have even more time when the lines are in harmony with the solstice marking the most harmonic day. He also says that by next year in 2024, we will have several hundred days with these energy alignments. What happens during thses times? Manifestation will be rapid. This means that what we think about and talk about with passion seems to start appearing very quickly. More quickly than ever before. We must live mindfully to attract the best options for our lives and our planet. If we are focusing on problems, pain and chaos, it will certainly bring more. It's time to work together to bring as much harmony to our planet and all beings as we can.

Sometimes this is easier said than done. There is a lot of chaos and change happening on our planet these days. There is also a lot of love and compassion. Depends on what you're looking at at how you're focusing and percieving. We can take advantage of this powerful Solstice energy and take control of our minds, our lives, and our planet.

  • Be mindful how you react to things.

  • Be Mindful how you think, speak and act

  • Take a breath before reacting or speaking

  • Take time for yourself

  • Be kind to yourself, the Earth and others

See more ways to use this energy below

What is the Significance of Winter Solstice?


1 Longer Nights

  • A reminder that even in the darkness, we must connect to the light within

  • Take time to go within. Just like nature, plants and some animals hibernate in the winter, take time to slow down. Spend more time listening, watching and honoring the slower, quieter rhythm of the season. Rest more, read more books, free up your schedule, to be ready for Spring when you can blossom new projects and ideas

  • Summer is for the body. Winter is for the soul. We like to do lots of activities in the summer. Let the winter be the time to do less, eat less, sleep more

  • Pick up a creative hobby, Write down your dreams or create an art project of them


2 Harmony Energy

  • Use this down time to meditate/pray more

  • Set intentions

  • Find and visit a power spot on the Earth to meditate, heal, pray ( is very trustworthy site)

  • Attend solstice ceremony


3 Celebration/Ceremony/Ritual

  • Winter Solstice celebrations go back many thousands of years

  • If you cannot attend a group ceremony, do your own ritual. Light a candle, write out what you are releasing from this year. These are internal struggles and stories you tell yourself that hold you back.

  • Sit for 10 minutes in the dark, thinking of these things you want to let go of and who you would be without them.

  • Go back to the list and write THE END at the bottom and then tear up or burn the paper.

  • Sage/Smudge your area. Burn some sage or incense to clear the space and/or home.

  • Sit back down and write who you are without those limiting beliefs. After doing so, you can write your intentions for the New Year if you wish.


What ever you choose for yourself during this season, I hope that you feel all the good feelings of peace and love in your heart. Remember, you are love! Make you come first, then you have more energy to share with others.


We have special Solstice events as well as a New Years Day Event on January 1st to release the last year and bring in the new! See schedule below.

I wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Love to all beings everywhere

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